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Art and Research Websites

Primary Grades 1st-3rd

Reading & Writing
Poetry Sites
Computer Skills
Sheppard Software Grammar Games
Jack Prelutsky
Dance Mat Typing
Fun Brain Math Arcade
A Collection of Activities About Solids, Liquids, and Gases
I Know That Language Arts Game
Shel Silverstein
Sense Lang Typing
Quia Math Journey
Library Catalog
Giggle Poetry
Slime Kids Typing
Sheppard Software Math
Interactive Life Cycle
Grammar Blast
Story It: Poetry Collection
More Typing Games
BBC KS1 Math
Oh Rats! Nouns & Verbs
Poetry Archive
Star Wars Typing
Alien Punctuation
Poetry 4 Kids
Typing Test
Traveling Pronouns
Robert Frost
Road to Grammar Jr. Practice Quizzes
Maya Angelou

Tornadoes and Hurricanes

The Good, Better, Best
Trampoline Game
Popular Chinese Poems
Poem Hunter
Write Your Own Short StoryUsing Pictures as Inspiration
Create Your Own Comic

Magnetic Poetry
Grammar Ninja
Blending Dragon


Primary Grades 4th-6th
Lemonade Stand

Cool Math Games

Reading & Writing
Search Engines &
Create Character Trading Cards
Sheppard Software
Fact Monster

Label the Parts

of the Skeleton

Write Your Own Fractured Fairytale

Grammar Ninja

Library Catalog

Internet Public Library

Word Cloud Creator

Plate Tectonics WebQuest

Brain Pop Video-Plate tectonics
Puzzles of the Earth
Zoom Plate Tectonics

Search here for information on Poverty.

Hot Links For Exhibition Research! Click here

BIOCUBE - Use this interactive website to help you plan your biography!
Moneyville How many lemons should I buy, do I want to work overtime or buy a TV, should I charge that puppy dog or pay cash, should I even own a pet? These are just a few of the choices you will make while playing these fun games that teach about economics. It's always a student favorite...and so fun you might not be able to stop playing!

Exploration Hot List Click on the link to the left for awesome primary and secondary sources!

Check out the links below!

Edmodo Blog about books with our new friends in Menlo Park, CA!
Click here for the book review graphic organizer.
Timeglider Make an interactive timeline.
What Makes Me - What makes you special?
Storybird - Collaborative storytelling! Create stories to share with your friends and family

Just for Fun!

Tutpup – Compete against kids from all over the world in math and spelling on this site.
Comic Creator – An interactive tool that allows you to create your own comics.
This is Sand - Check it out!

Middle School--Here I come!

Student Resources
**PBS Kids: Middle School--Movin' On Up** Visit this site to learn all about the differences between elementary and middle school and for tips from middle school students.
Parent Resources
**Middle School Discussion Questions** Use this template to open a dialogue with your student.
PBS Kids Middle School Transition Book List Use this resource list to build a home library that will support your student in his/her transition to middle school.
Supporting Students in their Transition to Middle School This brief article, jointly adopted by the National Middle School Association and The National Association of Elementary School Principals (both US), outlines the expectations of school leaders, teachers and counselors, and parents throughout the transition process.
**Smoothing Your Child's Transition to Middle School** An article detailing how parents can address logistical, social, and academic concerns during the transition process.
**Making the Transition** Strategies for dealing with working with multiple teachers, new friendships, and self-esteem.
**Moving Up to Middle School** Ten tips for parents on making the transition.
Adolescence and the Transition to Middle School A Psychology Today article about the expected changes in children as they become adolescents.
Surviving (Your Child's) Adolescence A collection of articles addressing various aspects of parent/adolescent interaction.

Science Resources

Fossils & Archaeology Sites
Day and Night
Water Cycle
Archaeology for Kids

Sources of Light

Turtle Info Sea World
Light and Shadow

Shadow Play

Nonfiction Resources

Sea Turtles



Social Studies living and nonliving things

Properties of Materials
A Collection of Activities About Solids, Liquids, and Gases

PBS Kids Zoom Page
Map Games &

National Geographic for Kids

Timeline Creator

Biography Resources
Garden of Praise Biographies
Ducksters Biographies
Pitara Kids Network

Biography Video Clips
Brain Pop Jr.

Social Justice

World Wildlife Federation

Habitat for Humanity

Free Rice Vocab
and Math Game

World Hunger Program

One Hen Project

Kids Can Make a Difference

Water Issues

Kids Are Heroes

Stories of Kids Who Care

World Wildlife Federation

Habitat for Humanity

Free Rice Vocab
and Math Game

World Hunger Program

One Hen Project

Kids Can Make a Difference

Free the Children

Water Issues

Kids Are Heroes

Stories of Kids Who Care


Star Child

Kids Astronomy

Discovery Kids
World Book Online
The Nine Planets
More Planet Info Pages
Ask an Astronaut
Brain Pop: Solar System
Brain Pop: The Sun
Brain Pop: The Moon
Brain Pop: The Earth
Brain Pop: Space Flight
Build a Solar System

Annie the Archaeologist
U.S. National Museum of History
Interactive Dinosaur Excavation Activity
Dirt Detective Game
Dig Magazine
Explore artifacts from around the world
Hunt the Ancestor Game (You will need the help of an adult for this game.)
Curator Collector Game
Roman Artifacts Match
Fossils for Kids
How Fossils are Formed
Pictures of Pueblo Ruins